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The Story of Farmacy Meals

Choose health without compromise.

Farmacy Meals started with our Elixir drink creations that we
were sharing with our bicycling enthusiast friends in 2018.
Then with the Covid-19 restaurant closures in Houston in 2020,
we started with local “pop-ups” selling sandwiches, salads,
soups, and entrees, all made to travel. This developed over the
past few years into Farmacy Meals, our home-delivery / pick-up

cuisine that we hope you will love!

Chef Stacy Simonson and Scott Simonson aim to curate a
menu that strikes a balance between comfort and healthy food
options. Our menu features a range of plant-based, dairy-free,
and gluten-free options that don't compromise on flavor or
satisfaction. In addition, we’ve curated a selection of healthy
drink options that are packed with natural vitamins and nutrients
to boost your immune system and keep you energized

throughout the day.

Our convenient “Meal Planning” menu allows you stress-free
planning for those days you know there is just no time to eat
right. We know how busy your schedule may be, just like ours,
and this cuisine is what we eat and what keeps us going.

To ensure the quality and freshness of our ingredients, we
prepare everything from scratch. That's why we request advanced ordering notice at this time, which also ensures that your Farmacy Meals purchase is good for up to a week with proper storage.

At Farmacy Meals, we believe that Food should make you Feel
Better! Whether it’s a healthy boost or a soul-comforting meal
that you need, let Farmacy Meals prescribe the cure to what ails


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